】 _How impotence_How impotence

[Can beer and raw eggs aphrodisiac?
】 _How impotence_How impotence

Male sexual function is a very important ability, because in the life of a husband and wife, men must work to make the life of the husband and wife successfully reach the satisfaction of both parties, and some men due to the role of life pressure or disease caused the decline of sexual function,Seriously affected the happiness of husband and wife life.

Therefore, finding the method of impotence is the urgent desire of some people, and many people believe that the prescription can achieve the purpose of impotence. For example, can beer and raw eggs impotence?

Some people put raw eggs directly into beer, thinking that it is nutritious and aphrodisiac, but it is actually no nutrition at all and unhygienic.

It all starts with the composition of the eggs.

The main component of eggs is protein, which is made up of multiple amino acids.

Its molecule is very large, and it must be digested by the stomach and intestines and broken down into small amino acids before it can be absorbed by the body.

After the eggs are cooked, the original densely packed protein is loosened, so that the stomach can easily digest and absorb it.

For example, the egg whites of raw eggs contain large amounts of bioproteins and anti-proteases.

The combination of antibiotic protein and biotin makes biotin a substance that cannot be absorbed by the body.

Anti-phosphoprotease can destroy trypsin in the human body and inhibit the breakdown of proteins, which are harmful to the human body.

However, after the eggs are cooked, this bioprotein and antitrypsin are destroyed.

Raw eggs also contain an avidin, which can cause the vitamin B in the protein to lose its efficacy and cause human hair replacement and other substitutions.

The digestibility of raw eggs is low, only 50-100%.

Raw eggs are a semi-flowing colloidal substance. The residence time in the human stomach is reset. The contact surface with digestive juice is much smaller than that of cooked eggs. In addition, the protein and trace components in eggs must be heated to a certain degree.Absorbed by the body.
From a food hygiene point of view, drinking raw eggs is also unsanitary.

About 10% of fresh eggs contain bacteria, mold, or parasite eggs, especially salmonella that can make people sick.

If the eggs are not fresh, the proportion of bacteria will be higher.

At present, more than 1,000 types of Salmonella have been found. Some of them can live in the interior of the poultry, such as chickens and ducks. In the process of egg formation, Salmonella can enter the eggs directly from the ovary.

Therefore, no matter from the nutritional content of eggs, or from the perspective of food hygiene, raw eggs are very unscientific.