[Jasmine Soaking Water Taboo]_Action_Efficacy

Drinking a cup of frozen jasmine tea in the summer, the taste is fragrant and refreshing, I believe no one will not like it.

Jasmine tea is always delicious, and there are many benefits to drinking it often.

For example, it promotes digestion and absorption, protects the stomach and intestines, treats diarrhea and abdominal pain, calms the mind, relieves tension, and relaxes.

However, many people don’t know that, in fact, jasmine tea is not suitable for everyone. There are certain precautions to drink it.

Let me talk about the taboos of drinking jasmine water today.

1. Although patients with constipation have a protective effect on the stomach and intestines, the polyphenols in it have a certain astringent effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.

So people with constipation drink jasmine tea will worsen constipation.

2. The caffeine in the jasmine of the nervous breakdown is very rich. Although the caffeine can help to refresh and refresh the brain, but the jasmine tea cannot be cured in the case of nervous breakdown, which will stimulate the nervous system and bring bad effects to patients.

Therefore, do not drink jasmine tea for nervous breakdown.

3. Jasmine tea in patients with fever contains a lot of theophylline. After theophylline is absorbed by the body, the body temperature will rise.

It is not conducive to fever and cooling, so people with fever or fever symptoms are best not to drink jasmine tea.

4, iron deficiency anemia patients with iron deficiency anemia should not take jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea is rich in ingredients such as implanted acid and iron, which forms a precipitate that cannot be absorbed by the human body. People with iron deficiency need iron supplements. Therefore, patients with iron deficiency anemia must avoid taking jasmine tea.

People who are usually emotionally agitated or sensitive, sleep poorly and are physically weak, it is better to drink less or no tea at night.

In addition, when you drink tea at night, you should put less tea leaves and do not make the tea too thick.

It is best to drink tea after dinner, because drinking tea on an empty stomach can hurt the body, especially for those who do not drink tea often, it can inhibit gastric secretion, hinder digestion, and severely cause “tea drunk” phenomena such as palpitations and headaches.The above are the precautions for drinking jasmine tea. If you belong to a taboo group, you must drink it with caution.