[Daquan pork skin practice]_ dried pork skin _ how to do _ how to do

The collagen in pork skin has a good cosmetic effect, which is welcomed by many people. There are also many methods of pork skin. Sometimes it is said that fried pork skin, braised pork skin, cold pork skin, etc. have higher nutritional value.It has a good effect on the body and health care, especially the fried pork skin tastes sweet and sweet. For girls, eat some properly, as well as the effect of beauty and beauty.

2 pig skins, several onions, several gingers, several garlics, one red pepper, one green pepper, one star anise, one aniseed, one fragrant leaf, one grass fruit, cooking wine, one spoon of raw soy sauce, half a spoon, Half a spoonful of sugar, some salt.

How to stir-fry the pork skin After washing the pig skin, take a pot, put cold water in it, put in the pig skin, pour a spoonful of cooking wine, boil for 10 minutes and remove it.

When the skin is a little cold, scrape it with a knife diagonally, scrape off the grease on the back of the skin, and cut the filament for use.

Take an electric pressure cooker, and fill the pot with water without meat skin. Put onion segments, ginger slices, star anise, aniseed, fragrant leaves, grass fruit, one spoonful of cooking wine, cook out after 20 minutes, skim the seasoning, and fishCut the pork skin and drain it for later use.

Take a wok, add cooking oil, add scallion, ginger, garlic slices, add fragrant, add pork skin, stir fry, add 1 spoon of raw soy sauce, half a spoon of old soy, half a spoon of sugar, stir wellAdd the shredded chili peppers, collect the dried soup, and add salt to the pot.

1, meat skin is one of the best beauty and beauty things, rich in collagen, MMs eat more, good for the skin.

My family usually eats a lot of this, can make jelly, it is delicious.

2. Meat skin is especially important for shaving fat. One is that the fat is very long meat, and the other is that the skin is not cleaned and the skin cannot be frozen.

Every time I shave very carefully, the hanging oil is quite disgusting, and the volume is extra large.

3. The skin of the pressure cooker is already cooked, so frying is the fast-hand dish. You don’t need to put water in it.