[How to process instant sea cucumber]_Processing_How to process

The living standards continue to improve, and more and more people are recognized in daily life for health. Many people have begun to join the health team. However, there are many ways to maintain health in general. Food therapy is also a common health method. EveryoneEveryone knows that sea cucumber is a good tonic, but the fast-paced life keeps many people busy at work and rarely has time to supplement, and the ready-to-eat food is very popular.

How to process instant sea cucumber?

Rinse: Open the fresh sea cucumber we prepared in advance to cut the belly and drain the water, put it into a clean, oil-free stainless steel container, and mix it with cotton candy.

Thereafter, it was sealed and stored in a plastic wrap, and marinated at a constant temperature of 5 minutes for 30 minutes.

Stirring: After marinating fresh sea cucumbers, we use a clean small stainless steel scraper as a stirring tool, hold the stirring tool with our hands to the bottom of the container, stir clockwise for 10 minutes, and then counterclockwise for 10 minutes.

During the stirring process, we need to pay attention to not touching and destroying sea cucumber.

High-pressure steaming: We prepare another stainless steel steamer, put the stirred sea cucumber in the steamer, add pure water, and the water level should be 8 cm higher than the sea cucumber.

Add a mixture of alkali, sugar and salt in the water and heat it on fire; the heating process is: first low fire, when the water temperature reaches 30 seconds, hold for 30 seconds for about 10 minutes, and need to continue to rotate; after that, heat the fire to boil the water toBoiling, this process needs to be agitated all the time, immediately cease the fire, and need to stand for 2 minutes.

Cooling: Prepare a sufficient amount of ice-water mixture, remove the sea cucumber from the above steps and put it in the ice-water mixture, and leave it for half an hour.

Rinse: Rinse with running water for 20 minutes. The method of washing is to use a cylindrical stainless steel bucket, insert the water pipe into the bottom of the bucket, and the water pipe naturally forms a recoil water flow. The top-down fountain-like water flow rinses the sea cucumber.

The consumption of sea cucumber is contraindicated. Do not consume more than one person per day. For those who are weak, one sea cucumber per day is a better way to eat.

For healthy people, especially in dry areas with multiple climates, the issue of “getting angry” should be considered when eating sea cucumber.

Therefore, it is best not to consume more than one sea cucumber per day.

Second, we should eat less sea cucumber in spring. It needs to be reminded that spring happens to be the season of fire, especially in the northern spring.

Special care should be taken when taking supplements. Do not consume too much food that can make people angry. Sea cucumber also includes the inside.

Therefore, eating sea cucumber in spring should be reduced.

Third, those with poor kidney function should eat sea cucumber as a high protein food, and decompose crystal amino acids and excrete them from the kidneys.

Therefore, those with poor renal function should not eat more at a time.