[How to make grain bread on weekdays]_Hometown practice of grain bread on weekdays_Encyclopedia of practice on grain bread on weekdays_How to make grain bread on weekdays

We are a group of people who shout every day to lose weight, but also find food on the street. Of course, facing the temptation of deliciousness, few people have the resistance to resist.
Introduce you a weekday grain bread, you can make it yourself at home later.
After 30 minutes of fermentation, do the first stretch & fold, like this, but fold up, down, left and right; put it back in the container to continue fermentation for 30 minutes, and fold again; send it for another 30 minutes, fold it a third time, put it back in the container and immediately cover it for refrigeration.
So a total of 1.
Fold 3 times in 5 hours.
My refrigerated temperature is 4C5.
After about 21 hours, remove the dough, slightly discharge the air bubbles, divide into two portions, and round to warm for 60 minutes. This process can also complete the main fermentation of the dough.
Of course, it can be divided into other sizes and shapes, but the temperature and secondary fermentation time must be adjusted 8.
Pour the dough from the fermentation basket onto the bottom of a baking sheet lined with baking paper and cut the bag.
This round dough does not require “ears”, and the method of cutting the package is relatively simple. The angle of the knife is perpendicular to the dough, and the depth should be moderate, so that the dough can fully expand symmetrically around it, but the cut marks remain obvious.
I cut the cross regularly, the one below is not honest, I started to play tricks, cut the circle, put a bow in the middle, it is difficult to make an arc on the dough, and the dough is still quite wet 9.
Pour a little boiling water into the baking sheet and close the door.
Take the dough, open the door, transfer the slate with the baking paper, pour a cup of hot water in the baking tray, and close the door.
Reduce the baking temperature to 460F (237C), bake for 15 minutes, remove the baking paper and water tray, and bake for 15 to 20 minutes until golden.
My dough is 500 grams each. If the weight of the dough is different, the method of adjusting the baking time and the working day of the grain bread has been introduced, but everyone’s understanding of it must be different, so the taste must be different.
So, try it out and see what it tastes like.